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Of Germans from Russia

The dispossession of well-to-do peasants of ASSR NP

The dekulakization of well-to-do peasants of the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of Abkhazia in February 1930, in the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of the Germans of the Volga region, mass dekulakization of wealthy peasants and sending them to remote areas of the USSR for "hard labor" is carried out.

The first echelon (267 families, 1757 people) is sent to the North, to Sol-Vychegodsk, the second (210 families, 1242 people) - to Siberia. In total, during the years of collectivization, 4.3 thousand families (24.2 thousand people) were evicted, 3.7% of the total number of peasant farms. The dekulakization and eviction caused the mass resistance of the German peasantry, which was suppressed by military force.