Seventy Years Since GKO Order No. 1281ss

"On Mobilizing Germans- Men of Conscript Age from 17 to 50 Years, Permanently Living in Oblasts, Krais, Autonomous and Union Republics."

Resolution of the GKO USSR No. 1281 ss from 14 February 1942.

The State Committee of Defense Resolves:

1. All Germans - Men of the ages from 17 to 50 years, capable of physical labor, permanently living in Arkhangelsk, Vologoda, Ivanova, Molotov, Penzen, Svedlovsk, Tambov, Chita, Cheliabinsk, Chkalovsk, Yaroslav, Kirov, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Kubyshev, and Irkutsk oblasts, Primore, Khabarovsk, Altai, and Krasnoiarsk krais, Bashkir, Mordvin, Mari, Tatar, Udmurdt, Chuvash, Buriat-Mongolian and Komi ASSRs, Kazakh, Turkmen, Tadzhik, Kirgiz and Uzbek SSRs - are to be mobilized into work columns for the entire duration of the war and handed over to the NKVD USSR for use in the construction of rail roads.

The carrying out of the mobilization is to be entrusted to the NKO (comrade Shchadenko) together with the NKVD USSR. The mobilization is to be completed by 25 March 1942.

2. Requires the NKPS and the Administration of military communications of the NKO to provide transport to the mobilized Germans with accountable delivery of them to their place of work as announced by the NKVD USSR not later than 30 March.

3. Distribute the order of mobilization and upkeep of the mobilized Germans, established by the resolution of the GKO from 10 January 1942 No. 1123 ss points 2,3,4, again to all mobilized.

4.  Requires the Peoples' Commissariat of Food Industry, Peoples' Commissariat of Meat and Milk Industry, Peoples' Commissariat of Procurement, Peoples' Commissariat of Fish Industry to assign for the month of March and second quarter to the GULAG NKVD USSR at their expense the remaining food goods from these industries, according to the addendum.  Forward to the Peoples' Commissariat of Trade of the USSR the provision of food and industrial supplies for the mobilized on the basis of point 6 in resolution of the GKO No. 1123 from 10. 1. 42.

5. People's Commissariat of Finance USSR together with NKVD USSR are to provide for in the finance plan of the NKVD USSR the necessary funds to pay for the transport of the Germans and other expenses to the officials in charge of providing their supplies.

Chairman of the State Committee Defense

I. Stalin

Source: A.A. German, T.S. Ilarionova, I.R. Pleve, Istoriia Nemtsev Rossii: Khrestomatiia (Moscow, MSNK Press, 2005), pp. 272-273.

Translation from Russian to English by J. Otto Pohl


13 December 1955


On Lifting the Restrictions on the Legal Status of Germans and Members of their Families, found in special settlements. 
Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from 13 December 1955
Having learned that the existing restrictions on the legal status of special settler-Germans and members of their families, exiled to various regions of the country, are no longer deemed necessary, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet resolves: 
1. To lift from the count of special settlement and free from administrative surveillance of the organs of the MVD Germans and members of their families, exiled as special settlers in the period of the Great Fatherland War, and also Germans - citizens of the USSR, that after repatriation  from Germany were moved to special settlements.
2. Establishes, that the lifting from Germans of the restrictions of special settlement will not lead to the return of property confiscated during exile, and that they do not have the right to return to the places from which they were exiled.  
Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR
K. Voroshilov
Secretary of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR
N. Pegov

Translated to English from Russian by J. Otto Pohl.

A.A. German and O. Iu. Silant'evoi, eds., "Navechno, bez prava: Ochevidtsy i issledovateli o nemetskom spetsposelenni v SSSR: Sb. nauchn. statei i vospominanii (Moscow: MSNK-Press, 2015), doc. 7, p. 99

Sources:  Otto´s Random Thougths Blog (by Otto Pohl) and rusdeutsch.ru