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Of Germans from Russia

The area of ​​the Germans in the Volga region is being transferred to a martial law

In March 1920, the Region of the Germans of the Volga region is transferred to a martial law in connection with the massive peasant unrest. The highest power in the region is transferred to the Revcom (*)

(*) Revcom: Revolutionary committees are temporary power bodies created by the Bolsheviks and endowed with extraordinary powers, which functioned during the Civil War in Russia . We concentrated on the fullness of civil and military power. The organization and activities of these organizations were based on the experience of the military revolutionary committees of the period of the October Revolution of 1917.
The most vigorous territorial revolutionary committees were the All-Ukrainian, Azerbaijani, Armenian, Siberian, Dagestan revolutionary committees, the revolutionary committees of the BSSR, the Bashkir ASSR, Georgia, and the Revolutionary Committee for the Governance of the Kyrgyz Krai. Also provincial , county , volost and rural revolutionary committees were introduced .